Proving that someone’s cheating is never easy and it could be stressful if you don’t know how to start. Fortunately, catching a cheating spouse is more than possible with proper tools and strategies. The main idea is to collect undeniable evidence and force the cheating person to confront them. Although, you don’t want to ruin your marriage if you eventually find out they are not cheating. First you need a reliable spy app to access your spouse’s phone. In this article we will discuss about Best Way to Catch a Cheating Spouse.

Track Their Phone Remotely.

While setting up an ambush or being a detective is beyond your reach, you can start by tracking your spouse’s phone. A person searching how to track my wife’s phone remotely to gather cheating evidence has strong suspicions. The best bet for a cheated person in this digital era is tracking their spouse’s phone with spy apps.

Spy apps are spyware that enables you to track and how to install spy software on cell phone remotely. Most of these apps require installing the source into both sides(spied and spying devices). Once you’ve successfully installed a spy app, you can use features to track call logs, SMS, instant messaging, social media activity, and even the real-time location.

Get The List of Cheating Apps

Cheaters might have realized that it’s too risky using common apps or platforms. So, they can use the cheating apps that are not too familiar. These apps offer various cheating features. From auto-delete texts or guest-mode login to matchmaking features. These features allow them to meet up with other users for dating or hookup.

Before you go on detective mode, you better acknowledge the list of cheating apps. There are chances you can find such apps installed in your spouse’s app. However, some advanced cheating apps may have deceptive features like previously mentioned. From there, you can follow up with a relevant spy app or try to confront the truth after collecting enough evidence.

Track Their Instant Messaging Activities with Specialised App

Instant messaging apps are cheater’s favourite communication platforms. Apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Facebook messaging, or even Google chats are Instant Messaging apps. That’s why you’d likely find something in their messaging app, but it would be hard if you can’t access their phone. At this point, you can use a specialised spy app or keylogger app to track and capture instant messages on your spouse’s phone, and that’s pretty natural.

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While mobile spy tool-free download apps offer some degree of functionality and versatility, many of them can’t track instant messages reliably. You need a dedicated instant messaging spy app that can follow the conversations and allow you to download the transcript, take screenshots, etc.

Track and Record Their Calls

There are also phone call tracker apps that allow you to track the call logs of your cheating spouse, while the advanced ones even enable you to record the ongoing calls, undisputed evidence. So even if you only get the call logs, you’d quickly find who your spouse sneakily calls when they aren’t with you.

The ultimate way to catch them cheating is by recording their ongoing calls. Well, you might have to invest in more expensive spy app plans to unlock this feature, but again, it’s the ultimate evidence that your cheating spouse can’t deny. The app allows you to take over the microphone and directly record the calls to download the session later.

Hiring A Private Investigator

Despite spying on their gadget, you might want to consider getting a comprehensive investigation about the fact of whether or not your spouse is cheating on you. A private investigator is a surveillance expert, and they know what’s critical approaches and steps to take for gathering evidence. As a result, they can make comprehensive reports that you can use for analyses.

There are lots of benefits of hire a private investigator. But the main agenda is to find whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

While it looks legit, you must be aware of the risks and only hire a reliable investigator. In addition, you must ensure that the private investigator is fully licensed and professional. On the other hand, you should comprehend the law about surveillance in your country to confirm whether or not they can trace this step back to you.

Get The Visual Evidence with Advanced Spy App

Some advanced spy apps can take over the camera of the spied phone. This lets you collect more legit evidence: visual footage or images that you remotely capture through your spouse’s phone camera. In addition, you can capture the surrounding environment, including other women/men besides your spouse, when you’re lucky enough.

There are different ways you can collect visual evidence, from setting up a camera in the car or office to taking pictures manually. However, those methods are less effective than taking over the camera remotely with a spy app.

Use GPS Tracking to Find the Location

Want to know where your spouse is? Or with whom? Please use the GPS tracking feature in the spy app to locate your spouse in real-time through their phone. Even free apps already have GPS tracking features. But, advanced spy apps enable you to get real-time locations so you can follow up with the updates more instantly.

Today’s GPS tracking performance is quite accurate and dependable, but this method isn’t flawless. The major downside is that GPS tracking requires activating the GPS adaptor on the spied phone. This feat isn’t only battery draining, but the spied person can quickly turn it off manually. Furthermore, if they find their GPS keeps on without their authorisation, they might also find it suspicious.


All of these methods allow you to catch your cheating spouse by collecting the necessary evidence. Among them, using spyware or spy application turns out to be the most effective method. Spy apps are versatile as you can track different activities or multiple apps in your spouse’s phone that increase your odds to get more valuable evidence. Then, with reliable evidence on your hand, you can catch and let them confront the truth.