Before you go on and post “ Ethical hacker for hire “ on the Internet, you have to understand what ethical hacking is and who ethical hackers are. Ethical hacking is the process of hacking into the computer network to find out the loopholes and security breaches. In ethical hacking, no harm is done to the system, even if the system is exposed to loopholes and vulnerabilities.

The hackers who follow the method of ethical hacking are known as ethical hackers. These types of hackers are an important asset to cyber security. They are the reason for which cyber security has developed so much over the years. And the best part is you can hire an ethical hacker by yourself online. Throughout the article, I will be guiding you on how you can hire an ethical hacker by yourself.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Hacker?

The fee of hacking is completely dependent on the difficulty and expertise of the hacker. The hacking fee can start as low as 5$ and reach over 1000$. According to the underground hacking forums, the cost of various hacking is as given below-

  • Hacking random generic sites can cost up to 2000$.
  • Hacking a WhatsApp account of someone can cost from 200$ to 300$.
  • An effective hacking tool for hacking multiple Facebook accounts costs 19.99$ for months. The tools had positive reviews by many users.
  • Yelp Review boosting can cost 3$. Full month boosting good reviews and removing bad reviews can cost up to 350$.
  • Learning simple hacking lessons like Denial of service attack(DDoS). This type of attack sends a huge amount of traffic that the server cannot withstand. The whole server crashed, for which nor the user can request data. The sessions can cost up to 20$, paying 10 $ in advance.
  • If you want to hack a Gmail account, then has the most experienced and skilled hackers. They can hack any Gmail account for you, taking charge of around 90$.
  • Hacked Netflix accounts are the easiest to find on the web. There are numerous Reddit-like forums where you can post for hacked Netflix accounts. Each account can cost about 1.25$.
  • If you want your malware to be completely untraceable before hacking into a system, then crypting is the best possible method. Through the crypting service, the hacker takes a piece of malware and encrypts the file to make it virtually untraceable. The cost of one crypting is 5$ where two costs 8$.

Where Can I Find Ethical Hackers?

There are various websites where you can find Ethical hackers who can hack anything under legal conditions. Among them, Itechwares is a reliable hacking website where you can hire any ethical hackers for your convenience.

Itechwares is a site where ethical hackers can hack any social media account for you. This is the perfect destination for parents and married individuals who are worried about their children and spouse’s activity. Their professional hackers can even hack email passwords online for you.

They also give guidelines for protecting your data from potential cyber threats. Their professional hackers have years of experience and expertise, so that they bring you the credential as soon as possible. If you want to retrieve the deleted message of your spouse, Itechwares provides the best professional hacker for that.

All you have to do is visit their site and give your email address. Also, mention the details of your desired hacking in the project. They will get you back through the mail and provide the best hacker available at their disposal. The payment will depend on the difficulty of the hacking task. It has a 24/7 contact service so that you can knock them anytime you want. 

How Can I Hire A Hacker?

If you want to hire a hacker, then are several possible methods to achieve your task. The most effective way is through the dark web. Here you can hire a completely anonymous hacker, and the payment method is very secure. In the dark web, the payment method is only Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies.

Another method is to post your project in underground Reddit-like hacking forums. These forums consist of thousands of hackers that will do the job for you at a reasonable fee. Interested hackers will contact you personally through the mail and discuss the payment further. Before hiring you should know a few things – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE HIRE A HACKER?

Benefits Of Hiring An Ethical hacker

Hiring an ethical hacker can be very beneficial if the hacker is experienced and has expertise. The benefits are as follows-

  1. An ethical hacker is efficient in finding the vulnerabilities and loopholes of the software. This also helps to find gaps in physical security or policy.
  2. An ethical hacker uses dumpster diving to scan public websites. This helps to find the information which could help an attack.
  3. An ethical hacker uses the port scanning method to find open ports using port scanning tools.
  4. An ethical hacker determines the possible threats that can intrude on firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and honeypots.
  5. An ethical hacker uses penetration testing that narrowly specifies the breaches of the system.
  6. An ethical hacker provides aid in running the cyber security crisis stimulation.
  7. An ethical hacker exposes the possible insider threats.
  8. An ethical hacker executes the network traffic analysis.
  9. An ethical hacker performs various types of covert social engineering hacks.
  10. An ethical hacker always makes sure to educate the cyber security team regarding the latest methods and tricks cyber attackers use.
  11. An ethical hacker also makes sure to participate in forming red/blue team exercises.