Is hacking a WhatsApp account even possible? WhatsApp is the world’s most prominent instant messaging application with end-to-end encryption. Even WhatsApp developers can’t view your chats and passwords. Backdoor hacking may not be possible for this case, but if we refer to a broader scope of hacking activities, then there are things that an online WhatsApp hacker can do. Hackers may use one of these ways to help you hack a WhatsApp account. You can also read on to learn how to hack a WhatsApp account.

Using WhatsApp Web to hack a WhatsApp account

The simplest way to hack into someone’s web is by using WhatsApp settings. You only need access to the WhatsApp website with your laptop and scan the QR code on the targeted device. However, it would only work if you can access the targeted phone physically and you both connect to the same Wi-Fi network. Therefore, it would only work in limited scope like workspace, office, or public space.

Once you connect to the WhatsApp website, you can access all WhatsApp conversations as long as the device is still within the range of the connection. You’d lose access whenever the targeted phone disconnects from the network. If you want to sustain the access next time, you’d have to start over again.

Social Approach Hacking

Social-approach hacking or social engineering is the best approach when you want to hack WhatsApp account. Instead of using backdoor coding, the hacker uses a social approach to convince the target to provide the information they need. Things would get even easier if you hire a hacker for WhatsApp to hold the target’s phone physically. Hackers can either scan QR for web-version access, steal database files, and send malicious links or QR.

They may befriend the target easily and send malicious links that install malware or keylogger to their phone or redirect them to a phishing form. Hackers perform social engineering to ensure that the target clicks the link or receives any form of delivery in the conversation. Social engineering requires a skilled personality and a longer time to develop.

However, social engineering in terms of ethics tends to have bias. Ethical hackers may have their approach to do ethical, social engineering. Of course, you must know that not all hackers are experts or willing to provide WhatsApp hacking services with this method. Otherwise, the hacker may choose a different way to hack the phone.

Google Drive Backup Hacking

Many Android users would backup their WhatsApp files to their Google Drive. Whenever you get access to the Gmail or Gdrive account, you’d earn access to the target’s WhatsApp messages through the chat history. Hackers can employ Social engineering in this hacking scenario but may use another method to access their Gmail account. From there, hackers can download pretty much everything from their g drive account.

Hackers can proceed with hacking action further to restore all of WhatsApp messages on another device. If the target doesn’t realize that someone is hacking their account, hackers can continuously access and download stored message backup in Google drive. This way, hackers who know how to hack WhatsApp accounts can read all personal messages and gather all information to satisfy their clients.

The main challenge of this method is, of course, to gain access to the Gmail account. However, phishing and social engineering methods can be employed to get the target’s Google Drive account credentials.

MAC Spoofing Hacking

MAC Spoofing is a more sophisticated yet technical way to hack a phone with a WhatsApp account. The technique involves using the MAC address of the targeted device to install the spoofing apps or tools. It allows hackers to mimic the target’s phone once it’s connected to the internet.

Hackers can hack the WhatsApp account where they can read all messages and transfer media in the conversation.
The main challenge of this method is to get the MAC address itself. MAC address is unique for each device, and there’s no way to obtain it except the inside. At this point, hackers may use social engineering to gain information about the MAC address. Otherwise, hackers should physically access the target’s phone and get the data manually from the phone settings.

From there, hackers can run the hacking spoofing app to spoof the target’s mac address. They’d need to set up a WhatsApp account using the target’s phone number and use social engineering to obtain the confirmation code, which is another complex challenge of this method. Once successful, hackers can access WhatsApp without the target even realizing it the first time.

As hackers can spoof WhatsApp accounts, they can read all messages as if it’s their own WhatsApp. However, once the developer realizes doubled activities or as contacts inform suspicious activities on the targeted WhatsApp account to the owner, there may be some technical errors.

Spying Tools and Keylogger Tools

If you can reach the targeted device, the spy and keylogger tools could be the easiest way to hack into a WhatsApp account. Such tools are available for iOS and Android to hack all mobile devices with this method. The main challenge of this method is to install the application on the targeted device. While it would provide you with remote spying functions, installing the app can only be done manually or using email phishing.

The topology is simple and doesn’t need any specific hacking skills. You can download and install the spy or keylogger app on the targeted one. Do the configurations, including tracked activities, permissions, and other settings. Activate the monitoring mode that enables you to view all activities, including WhatsApp conversation on the device.

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Hiring an ethical hacker remains the best way to retrieve a WhatsApp account. The account may be an old one you are trying to recover. It may also be one you are currently using, and someone is hacking or attempting to hack. When choosing an ethical hacker, you need to be careful to avoid scam hackers. Pick a certified ethical hacker for a WhatsApp account hack because it’s the only way you can guarantee your money.