Key loggers, Trojans, adware, tracking cookies, and commercial spyware are all examples of spyware. Spyware is dangerous because it tries to take your information without your permission. Suspicious third parties may utilize this information.

While most individuals own a smartphone and spend a lot of time with it, it is rare to have a comprehensive understanding of all your phone can do. In some respects, this is entirely understandable; after all, you don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car, but we invest so much of our lives and information into our phones that being unaware of security flaws can get you into trouble.

With this in mind, this article has put together a guide on how to find hidden spy apps on Android phones and how to remove them.

What Are The Signs Of SpywareOn on Your Android?

Spyware is designed to remain concealed from the phone’s user. Fortunately, numerous indicators might assist you in locating hidden spyware. These symptoms suggest that an Android phone has been infected with spyware. Look for the following symptoms to see if your phone has been tapped with spy apps.

01. Weird Phone Activity

Your Android device may have become infected.

The following are some further examples:

  • Random reboots were the most common way for spyware to appear.
  • Your Android device is vulnerable if it lights up or shuts down on its own.
  • Third-party applications are another possibility. Uninstall any suspicious software first to rule out this possibility.

If the problem persists, it’s time to search your Android phone for hidden spyware.

02. Slower Overall Performance

This is likely to be the first symptom you notice. Your Android device has become noticeably SLOW and buggy. Your operating system feels out-of-date, and applications take longer to load. Spyware on Android might cause your apps to freeze unexpectedly.

If your phone has been crashing due to a flawed OS, there’s a significant possibility that covert malware on Android is to blame.

03. Strange Sounds During Phone Calls

During phone calls, do you hear any beeping or static? If you answered yes, someone could be listening in on your conversations. Do not, however, jump to the worst-case scenario. It’s also possible that you’re in a poor signal area or that the other person is.

If this isn’t the case, start being cautious. Other people’s call recordings create background noises, which you will hear during your discussions.

04. Battery Discharge

Hidden spyware for Android runs in the background invisibly. You can still locate hidden malware on your phone, even if it is not apparent to the human eye. Aren’t we all aware of our typical battery usage?

Spyware may be present if you notice that your phone is continually overheating or losing battery faster than usual. Remember, as usual, to think about other factors.

Your phone’s battery may be dead. A new app you installed could also be draining your battery.

In the Settings, you can see how much battery each app uses?

If neither of these things is true, malignant malware is to blame for the sudden loss of battery life.

05. Suspicious Files/Applications

If you notice new files or applications on your phone that you don’t recognize, your phone most likely has spyware.

A new homepage display may appear. These indications may imply spyware on Android if your phone keeps downloading strange files.

06. Exceptionally High Data Use

If you observe that your usage is higher than usual, malware may be running in the background. We recommend following the methods outlined above to find malware on your phone. Remove them as soon as possible because more data equals a higher phone bill.

07. Unusual Text Messages

Do you get a Facebook authentication code even if you haven’t opened the apps?

Receiving a random text message with only symbols and codes is weird.

So, if you receive codes that you did not request, it is a clear indication that someone is attempting to gain access to your account without your permission.

How To Find Hidden Spy Apps On Android

Using a scanning app is the most straightforward approach to seeing if your phone has anything dangerous.

However, If you’re wondering how to find hidden spy apps on Android, you can do it manually by running a series of tests. Keep the following in mind. These are the steps to follow if you opt to check your phone manually:

Check Your Apps For Anything Unfamiliar.

Many of us have pages or folders full of downloaded games or programs that we’ve only tried for a few minutes and then forgotten about.

A simple technique to find a surveillance app is to look through all of the installed apps on the phone.

It’s vital to remember that your phone comes with a set of apps pre-installed; if in question, Google the apps you don’t recall downloading to see if they’re part of the Android setup.

Check Your Apps’ Permissions.

Manually doing this could take longer, but it’s crucial to determine that apps have access to camera, microphone, and location data.

This can disclose whether an app is secretly tracking you without your knowledge or consent, making it a solid sign for detecting hidden spy programs.

Follow the procedures below to check manually:

  1. Change the settings.
  2. Tap Manage applications or Apps.
  3. Tap Permissions for App.
  4. To check which apps have access to each permission, tap it and adjust accordingly.

Keep An Eye On The Location Icon.

Android smartphones display a little symbol in the notification bar at the top of the screen when an app is accessing your device location.

If you notice that this location icon appears frequently, but you aren’t using any apps that have permission to access your location data, it could hint that a hidden spy app is tracking your location.

Is Google Play Protect Turned Off On Your Device?

The built-in virus and malware scanner for Android is Google Play Protect. It’s made to operate in the background and check every software you download for viruses or malware. If Google Play Protect is switched off, it’s possible that someone has installed something dangerous on your phone and needs to turn off the protective scanner.

To manually inspect your Google Play Protect settings, follow these steps:

  1. Select Menu > Play Protect > Settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Scan for security threats on the device is enabled.

How Can I Avoid Spyware In The Future On Android?

While cell phone spy apps are becoming more challenging to detect, there are several tried-and-true methods for avoiding hidden malware on Android.

  1. Install an antivirus program. Make sure you’re downloading software from the developer’s website. Antivirus software should not be downloaded from third-party websites. This is to avoid spyware disguised as antivirus software.
  2. Make additional security settings on your phone. Someone else placed hidden spyware on your Android phone. If your device supports it, use a fingerprint login to prevent others from accessing your phone.
  3. Frequently change your passwords. Use different passwords for different accounts. Make your password one-of-a-kind.
  4. Update your operating system. Updating your Android operating system improves the security of your device. One strategy to avoid hidden malware on Android phones is to keep the operating system up to date.
  5. Downloading a pirated program is not a good idea. You should not download a free app from a third-party website, no matter how much you want to. Free software and malware are frequently packed together.
  6. Make sure you’re on a safe website. Check if your site’s IP address begins with HTTPS rather than HTTP to see if this is the case.


Following the procedures outlined above on how to find hidden spy on your Android phones, it should be evident that locating hidden apps on Android. Furthermore, periodically visit dubious websites and, on occasion, unintentionally download information from them.

Also, as a result, looking for hidden spy applications for Android is an excellent approach to make sure your phone is free of malicious tracking programs.

This alone is enough to learn how to find hidden spy apps on Android. To protect your data and secure your phone, delete these hidden apps as soon as you discover them. Hopefully, this article has given you the best ideas for finding the hidden spy apps on Android.