Recently, Android phones are becoming more powerful than in the past. That’s why using these phones, and you can do a lot of things. You can even hack any website using Android. This may sound strange, but this is true. Here, in this article, I will show you How to Hack a Website Using Android. I will not share the complete process here because this is a complex workflow, and some instant actions will vary from website to website. There is no fixed rule. So, without any delay, let’s start.

What is Hacking?

Hacking means accessing a network or unauthorized access to a computer to steal or alter information or files. The person who completes this process is called a hacker. Computer hacking is done using a variety of programs like rootkits, trojans, keyloggers, etc. Hackers also use browser hijacking, spoofing, phishing, and other tactics to capture a user’s personal or financial details.

In the same way, a website can be hacked. If any hacker hacks a website and takes its access, then that is called website hacking. Using modern technology, hackers can hack a website even without a powerful PC. Android phones are powerful enough to hack a website. How to prevent hacking?

How To Hack A Website Using Android?

Though websites are often hacked automatically, sometimes, a hacker manually does some tricks. There are so many tricks for hacking a website. Among them, some are more popular than others. Here in this section, I will tell you some ways of How to hack a website using an Android phone.

1. SQL Injection

There is a database of a website that is very important. These data are the main target of a hacker. Most of the time, we see that a hacker hacks a website and steals some information. To do that, hackers use the SQL Injection threat. When a website owner changes his website, he may let some SQL Injections go into the database. And that will work for the hacker. If you know about SQL databases, then you can do it using your android phone.

2. Denial of Service Attacks

An issue is very common in website management. The issue is that any legitimate user can not access their controls. Sometimes his place takes any bot, or sometimes that stays neutral. This does not cause huge harm to the website itself. But it will prevent you from performing your duty. If you are an expert in this thing, then you may do this using your android phone.

3. Form Tampering

This is mainly for e-commerce websites. Sometimes we hear about the sudden lower price of any specific product and huge orders for that product. The authority of that e-commerce website does not do this. This is the trick of Form Tampering. If the attacker needs any product at a lower price, then he does it. But this should not be done because the authority may find the hacker by delivery address. This is quite hard, but you may do it using your phone if you can manage all the important things.

4. Code Injection

One of the most powerful hacking ways is Code injection. This makes the website almost out of the control of the owner. Sometimes, it needs a programmer to solve this problem. This works very seriously and can damage all information on a website. Even it reveals all information about the site to the public. If you know how to code and can do code injection, you will be able to do this using your phone.

How To Save A Website From Hacking?

You must follow some basic security guidelines to prevent this unauthorized intrusion into your system/network:

  • Don’t use any less trusted or cracking themes on your website. This is one of the main reasons your website is being hacked.
  • Using shared hosting is one of the top reasons a website is being hacked. In this way, if one of the websites hosted on one server is hacked, there is a 95% chance of your website being hacked.
  • Download software from authorized websites. Do it from a trusted website if you want to download a song file, video, or utility software. Many websites offer free downloads of specific high-quality software, but they can also carry viruses or spyware created by hackers to gain access to your PC.
  • Never click on a random email attachment. Email is one of the most significant ways for hackers to spread malware. Spyware or viruses are hidden in attachments or links to these emails that start spreading when you click. Therefore, never click on random attachments unless you are from a trusted source.
  • Use spam scanning tools or plugins on your website. And update all the third-party elements you use on your website. This is a simple but strong suggestion for saving your site.
  • Don’t install any untrusted plugging on your website. Sometimes hackers target any plugging to hack your website.
  • Avoid keeping simple passwords. Don’t use simple passwords like 1234 after your name, your nickname or date of birth, etc., like passwords. This information can be easily guessed or retrieved from social media sites, so follow the best password management practices. You have to use an alpha-numeric password. This will make your website safer.
  • Do not store or share your login information.

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Hacking any website and stealing their information is a crime. This may take you to jail. So, it would be best if you were careful while thinking about hacking any website. Hacking is a long and hard process. You will not be able to do this overnight and using an Android phone. Sometimes, hackers face trouble even after using solid computers. So, it would help if you left the hope of hacking a website only using an android phone. I tried to let you know some ways of How to Hack a Website Using Android.