Spying on a phone could be tricky if you don’t know where to start and how to do it. However, while advanced methods involve complex procedures, some simple steps can work for a cell phone spy. These would enable you to monitor activities on the spied phone and allow you to gather evidence if you need to confront the truth. We’ve summarised  how to install spy software on cell phone remotely.

1. Install Spyware App

Most spyware for android would require installation on both sides: the targeted phone and the spying device. So first, configure your spy app to establish a connection between two devices. You’d need physical access to the phone the first time, but you can then remotely monitor the phone after you successfully install the spyware app. Otherwise, you have to convince them to install the spyware with social engineering or hire a hacker to do the job. After successful configuration, you can move to the following steps, accessing functions in the spied devices.

2. View or Retrieve Messenger Conversations

It depends on your priorities and features of the spy app, but most people would go straightforwardly to the instant messenger conversations. A messenger spy app may enable you to monitor the ongoing conversations or retrieve the transcripts. A keylogger would inform you with keystrokes inputted in the messaging platform. Either way, you can view the discussions from your side and achieve your goals. A spy app typically retrieves the conversation transcript to the cloud service from which you can download and analyse them from your device.

3. Browsing History

If you wonder what sites your children or spouse visit when you’re not around, then note the following. Immediately you establish the connection, you can access their browsing history from your interface. Even though they’d erase the history when coming home, you’d already have the backup, and it would be easier to confront them with the truth. Downloading the browsing history is as simple as retrieving a text file. However, some spy apps enable you to only access instead of downloading the browsing history. A keylogger would help you reveal what they’re searching for on search engines.

4. Record the Screen

Some advanced spy apps even allow you to capture a screenshot or even to record the screenplay. Instead of retrieving the transcripts, the recorded messaging activity would become more undeniable evidence. The secret screen recorder can capture pretty much everything that’s going on the spied phone. However, these apps typically charge you with subscriptions fees to unlock advanced features. On the other hand, screen recording would consume data plan and battery power. If you perform recording for a longer time and more frequently, the spied person may eventually figure out something wrong with their phone.

5. Capture The Keyboard Strokes

Keylogging could have been a spy app’s lightest operation when tracking devices because it consumes fewer resources than capturing pictures or tracking GPS locations. With keyboard strokes captured by a spy app, you’re not only able to know the content of the messages, but you can obtain passwords of their secret accounts. You need to do a little bit more patience to analyze the captured keyboard strokes and find gold information you’ve mined. If you’re looking for credentials from the spied phone, you can count on the keylogging operation of your spy app.

6. Record The Calls

You want to know who they’re calling and what they’re talking about on the spied phone. Most spy apps allow you to download the call logs while the others learn how to record a phone call on androids and can do it. Whenever possible, you can record the calls from your side, or at least, you can command the recording. While they can record the calls in real-time, the records are usually stored in the cloud from which you’d have to download the files. So not only can you identify the people on calls, but you can also know the conversations.

7. Track the Locations

Recent spy apps feature GPS tracking and GeoFencing ability that help you track the phone’s locations and movements in real-time. It can track the phone when moving point to point or if it’s set a destination to reach. With geofencing, you can set a radius area with a spy tracker and know when the phone is outside or inside the room. GPS location tracking can be a powerful feature if you want to monitor a phone’s movements. However, this service would only work if the GPS in the targeted phone is enabled, and extensive tracking may drain the battery power.

8. Clone The Phone’s Feature

If you need full access to specific functions on the phone, you may have to clone them. Again, it’s not about a particular feature in a spy app, but you can use several features to achieve your goals. For example, you can capture the screenshots of QR codes or credentials to clone accounts on your device. This feature can provide you temporary but full access to instant messaging, email, social media, or even financial statements. Some cell phone cloning software also enables it to perform these specific tasks, but they’re still spyware apps.

9. Take over The Camera

What can you do if the spyware apps enable you to take over the camera? Many things! When spying on the mobile phone, you can confirm where they are, with whom they are, or even what they’re doing if you can control the camera. In addition, you can have visualisation about the surrounding environment and help you reveal subjects or objects captured on the camera. If your spy app has this feature, you can get valuable visual evidence. If this feature is essential to you, ensure to choose the spy app that has one.

10. Go Through The Social Media Accounts

With smartphones in hand, most people may spend most of their time on social media networks. If you’re looking for something suspicious that your spouse or partner may hide from you, you’d likely find valuable information from social media spy actions. You can go straightforwardly to messages and find things that satisfy your curiosity. You can also use a keylogger to access their secret social media accounts that you may have ever known.

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There are many ways to spy on a phone. Whether you are a parent looking to monitor your teenage child, or an employer who wants to monitor employee actions at work, there is a spy app for everyone. You may also need a spy app if you want to spy on your cheating partner. You can also hire a hacker to customise the  spy app to suit your needs.