Are you worried that your android has got any tracker app installed and this app is collecting your personal data? DO you want to know how to remove mobile tracker from android? Then , yes ,  you are at the right place and this article will help you to know how to remove tracker apps from your android. We would also ponder over how to detect these types of apps and how they get an entry in your phone. To know more please read through the whole article!

Detecting a Tracking App in Your Android

Before you want to know how to remove tracker apps from your android phone you must know how to detect these types of tracker apps. Since if you cannot detect any tracking app in your android, you won’t be able to remove them. These are the some of the tricks or strategies that may help you to detect a tracking app in your android:

1.  The Performance of your phone decreases day by day.

2.  Your phone may stay lit up after you have powered off  the your phone

3.  The battery life continues to deteriorate day by day and the battery keeps getting warmer when the android is not even working

4.  The apps that tell you which software are installed say that some unspecific program is running

5.  Your phone may say you have space in your android phone, but you won’t be able to access it

6.  As you browse internet it gets slower than before

7.  Sometimes there are weird noises and music from the background apps

8.  The brightness or color combination in wallpaper my not work properly and they can change automatically

9.  In a lot of cases, your android phone keep lighting up whenever a phone call arrives

How to Remove Mobile Tracker From Android?

If you are sure about your mobile tracker app and you know which program is tracking your android, then it is quite easy to remove them. In this case, you can just follow the steps as below:

  • Just go to the Google play store and From the hamburger icon go to “ My apps and Games”.
  • From the list of the apps that are installed on your phone find “ mobile tracker”
  • Next just uninstall the app


You can just uninstall the phone from your android but just clicking uninstall.

Other than that, You may also

  • Go to your android phone setting and click on “ Apps”
  • Then select the mobile tracker you want  to delete and click “ uninstall”.

But Sometimes it may happen that you can not exactly know the mobile tracker app name in your android, in that situation you may follow steps as below :

Find Unfamiliar programs and delete them

Go through all the programs in your phone and if you find any program that is unfamiliar to you and you feel that you have not installed it, please delete the program. If you find any application under a strange name or having weird icons, that can also be a tracker app. It’s better to uninstall them.

Install anti malware software and scan your android phone regularly

Like a personal computer ,you can also install anti- malware software in your android phone. This software will scan your phone on a regular basis and keep your phone safer. Whenever they find malware and any suspicious software they will detect it for you and in most of the cases these anti malware applications are able to remove them. Please make sure that your anti- malware software is up to date.

Factory Reset

This is the last option you may want to consider. If you cannot find the program exactly and you are not sure which program is causing your android phone to track, in that case you have to reset the factory settings of your android. When you are considering factory reset, you must keep in mind that this makes your android as same a new android phone. All of your information and necessary data will be lost eventually. So, if you need to actually go through this step, it will be better for you to keep a backup for your data and information.

Why is an Android Phone easier to Track?

If you compare android and iphone, it’s a lot easier to install a mobile tracker in any phone. Actually Google allows a lot of third party apps in android. By these apps a mobile tracker may enter into androids. To allow the people to enjoy more features, Google has lowered security requirements for many applications and thus a mobile tracker can get access to your android.

How to prevent a mobile tracker from being installed?

You should be careful in the first place so that no mobile tracker can have access in your android phone.

To prevent any mobile tracker getting installed in your phone you can follow the following steps:

  1. First of all do not give your android to anyone. You should trust the person who is taking your android.
  2. Never ever download any app that has security issue or comes from a suspicious site
  3. Keep all the programs of your phone up to date and check their performance regularly.
  4. Always install anti malware software and scan your phone regularly.
  5. Before using any app, check their terms and conditions carefully
  6. Do not use any pirated version of any apps
  7. A lot of mobile tracking happens through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, So be sure to secure them perfectly.

When you are doing this, you need to find which way suits you the best. To get more information you should Hire a professional hacker,  you can also get an expert to advice you.

Final Thoughts

In Brief, you can remove a mobile tracker app by getting help from Google app store or just uninstalling it. But the matter gets serious you cannot detect the mobile tracker app and it gets quite difficult to remove them then.