You might have wondered what you can do with spy software for android phones or iPhone. Spy apps have various functions and features, but many people still don’t know how to use them. There are ways you can use a spy app to spy on another phone operating features available in the app. However, spy apps can only work with proper setup and configurations. Let’s understand howto spy on another phone with a spy phone app .

Find a Reliable Spy App

The main task of spying on someone’s phone is to find a reliable spy phone app to support your mission. You can only use one app at a time to keep your surveillance strategy efficient. There are various spy phone apps available in the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or other digital marketplaces. You must ensure the compatibility, performance, functions, and features of the spy phone app and whether it covers your requirements. For example, not all spy apps can track GPS location in real-time or enable you to monitor social media activities. If you need specific spying functions, ensure that the spy phone has what you need.

Install Spy Phone App to The targeted Phone

The next most significant task is how to install the mspy app on the targeted phone. Since remote installation requires sets of advanced hacking skills, you’d need to access the phone physically and install the spy phone app from the source. Without remote install spyware possibility, the procedure could be challenging, but you can apply social engineering to obtain physical access to the device just for one time. If the targeted phone has a different OS from the device you’d use to monitor and spy on it, you must choose the spy phone app that works on both OS.

Create Your Account(for web-based services)

If you’re using the web-based spy apps for your mission, then you’d need to complete your account registration before you can access your dashboard. Then, provide your account details and purchase the subscription plan you want to use. Remember, every spy app has different options that match the length of subscription or features you can unlock. In addition, always use a secure browser when accessing your account and monitoring the targeted phone. Finally, don’t hesitate to contact customer support whenever you have technical problems operating the spy app.

Establish Connection

Only when you establish the connection can you start tracking and monitoring the targeted phone. Of course, there’s always the first time to establish the connection between your device and the spied phone through a flexispy portal or other setups. Either way, you’d have to configure the connectivity between two devices. Two fundamental factors determine the success of the connection establishment: the types of devices(compatibility) and the location. On the other hand, the targeted smartphone must be online or connected to the internet so the spy app can transmit the gathered data to the cloud or spy app’s server.

Monitor Texts, Chats, and Messages

Most spy tracker apps enable you to monitor texts, chats, and messages on the targeted phone. These are the primary functions typically available in phone monitoring or parental control apps. You can monitor both the contact and the content of the messages. If you’ve successfully established the connection, you can straightforwardly access the monitoring features and deploy the ones you want to monitor. Download the reports or recaps whenever necessary.

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Track GPS locations

In more advanced spy tracker apps, tracking GPS location is possible. You can track the phone’s position in real-time, but the accuracy and reliability may vary for each app. Some apps also adopt the geofencing system to set a radial area and get notified when the tracked phone crosses in or out of the fence. Depending on the app, you can start tracking the phone location or set up the geo-fence when you successfully connect to the targeted device. Ensure you have a stable and secure internet connection to perform real-time tracking.

Record The Phone Calls

Another way to spy on a cell phone with a spy phone app is by recording the phone calls. It’s an advanced feature that enables you to take over the microphone and record the call. Once notified by the app as the targeted phone receives or makes a call, you can deploy this function. You must comprehend how to record a phone call on androids that may vary for each app. While you may not be able to listen to the calling life (some apps are able), you can typically download the recorded calls stored in the cloud or server of the spy app. Readers should note that the app would only record as you activate the function.

Monitor Social Media Activities

While tracking messages or calls is a bit orthodox today, monitoring social media activities may give you more information you need. However, social media tracking features are typically available in advanced spy apps with more expensive plans. Whenever available, you can monitor the social media activities after connecting to the spied phone. You can also download the activity logs or track the on-platform chat or instant messages.

Activate Keylogger to Obtain Credentials

Sometimes, you may desire further access to the targeted phone. A keylogging feature, whenever available, can be deployed to record the keyboard strokes that may inform you with the content of the messages, what they’ve searched in search engines, what website they’ve visited, and even the passwords of their accounts. The review keylogger includes financial, dating sites, marketplace, online banking, and other charges they’ve attempted to log in with the targeted phone.


You can do many things with a spy phone app, but it also depends on the features and functions you can deploy. The proper installation and the connection are the essential elements of operating the spy app. Spy apps enable you to track and monitor activities from the interface on your phone remotely. You can control all of these functions from your dashboard. You can download recorded data or reports from the cloud storage or web server while real-time monitoring is accessible through the display and notifications.

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