How to stop someone from tracking your phone is our today’s topic of discussion. I will teach you everything in detail. Location tracking is a very useful feature of modern technology. This feature of mobile phones brings a revolution in the field of traveling, investigating, and many other aspects. But it has some bad sides too. Sometimes people can track your mobile phone illegally. This is a crime. This can be prevented. But you need to know how to do that. So, without any delay, let’s start.

Different Ways of Tracking Your Location

There are few ways of tracking your location. This is very important to know before I start my main discussion. Because you need to know which way you want to prevent it. Actually, there are 3 different ways of tracking your location. They are:

  • Wifi Hotspot
  • Mobile Tower
  • GPS

These are the most common and main ways of tracking your location. I will discuss all the ways to prevent tracking your location one by one. So, let’s start.

How to Stop Tracking Your Phone by Wifi Hotspot?

A wifi hotspot is a good way to share internet data with other devices. This shares your actual location with the connected devices near you. This method only works with the device that is very near and that opens its wifi hotspot and gives connection to others.

To stop this type of tracking you have to follow some steps. Follow these steps to save your privacy.

1. Off Wifi Hotspot

Stop your wifi hotspot if you think someone may track your location. In this way, you can prevent your connected device from tracking your location. This is one of the simplest ways to keep your location private.

2. Block Unwanted Device

Block all unwanted devices that are connected to your phone wifi hotspot. By doing this, you will block their way of tracking your location. This is not a pro-level tracking technique. Anyone from a distance of over 100 meters or out of the wifi range will not be able to track your location.

How to Stop Tracking Your Phone by Mobile Tower?

Another popular way of tracking your location is the mobile tower. These towers provide you with network frequency to stay connected with other phones and the internet. But this also cal track your location and give information to others. Before the invention of GPS, this was the only system of location tracking. This technology requires very heavy technology and devices. But still, you can stop tracking your phone by the mobile tower. Here are some ways to prevent your phone from being tracked by someone else.

1. Enable Airplane Mode

Enable the Airplane Mode of your phone. This is very easy to do. This mode of your phone cut the connection between the tower and your device. To turn on this mode, you have to go to the top menu of your phone and turn the Airplane sign button on. This is a very simple and easy way to be cut from the network.

2. Turn Off Phone and Remove SIM

Another simple way to be safe from this tracking is to turn off the phone and remove the battery and SIM card. This tip is for amature people. This is also a very safe way to stop tracking your phone.

How to Stop GPS Tracking of Your Phone

The full form of GPS is Global Positioning System. This is the most updated technology of location tracking. Google uses this technology in its Map App. This technology has brought a huge change in the field of tracking. But some people are using this technology illegally against you. Here I am going to tell you some ways to stop tracking your phone by GPS.

1. Turn off Location

Switch your phone location option. This is a very simple and effective way to keep a secret about your phone location. To do this, you may go to your phone setting and then go to the location option (different phones have different names. What you need is to turn off the location option).

2. Deny Location Permission

The most critical but effective step or way of stopping different apps is to track your location. In this way, you have to close all untrusted apps that want your location permission. When we install any new software on our phone, some of them want our phone location permission. If you think someone may track then deny all the location permission. This will make your phone safe. If you already install some apps then you may restrict the location permission by going to your phone’s “setting” option.

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These are the most common ways of tracking your phone and I give you suggestions to stop tracking. I hope these tips will help you a lot to keep your location secret and private. This is very much important to save yourself from any unwanted situation. If you can stay safe from GPS tracking then you are almost 50% safe. The rest of the 50% depends on Mobile Tower.  I hope now you know How to stop someone from tracking your phone. Thanks for reading this article.