Today we will discuss the best spy app for android without access to the target phone. The word spy solely seems illegal. And yes, it appears unethical, but it depends upon how a user uses these hidden spy apps for android. However, there are many reasons why someone would use the spy phone app. 

You can monitor your child’s activity, have an eye on your employees, or track your lost or stolen phone. Spy phone apps can also monitor incoming phone calls or texts. So here are the top 7 free spy apps for android without target phones.

What Is a Spy App?

Some software is used to scan someone’s phone remotely and tell us the phone’s activity. These are hidden spy apps for android. These spy software are intended to gather all necessary information about the target phone without any password. Also, this is the easiest way to spy on your partner, employees, or children. 

Here are the top 7 free Spy apps for android without target phones available on the internet. 

How Do these Top 7 Free Best Spy App For Android Without Access To Target Phone? 

These top 7 free spy apps for android without target phones have different built-in features. But the targeted aim of all these top 7 free spy apps for android without target phones is the same. Also, the main objective of such applications is to monitor messages secretly. 

The working of these top 7 free spy apps for android without target phones is somehow the same and begins with installing the free spy appsThis step is followed by entering the key or code that connects the device. You have to send the target phone a text with a link. 

The person will download the App onto his phone. The service provider of this software will do this for you but should have technical knowledge, so the App is installed automatically onto their phone. You can also install the mobile device spying app via email

How To Use Spy App?

After installing any free spy android app without access to target phones, the software will ask you to enter the key. Once you enter the key, you can spy on their phone to see their texts, calls, and social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Free Whatsapp spy apps without target phones are also available. This software doesn’t need any password for the target phone to start the App working. So, In this way, you can spy on cell phones without access to a phone.

Top 7 Free Spy Apps For Android Without The Target Phones:

01. Google Family Link:

Thes free hidden spy app allows you to track your child’s activity through your Google Account. This App has the following features:

  • Set device limits
  • Lock the Device if necessary
  • Manage Apps
  • Recommend Apps

02. Carrier Family Locator Apps:

This mobile spy-free App allows you to spy on the phone’s location. Also, this free spy app for android undetectable has the following features:

  • On-demand location
  • Various kinds of Alerts
  • Available on the Play store 

03. mSPY: 

This App is web-based to spy on mobile phones without a target phone. This App has the following Features: 

  • Records Call
  • Spy GPS location
  • Spy Social Media Sites

04. Truth Spy:

This is one of the hidden spy apps for androidThis App has the following features:

  • Listens to Phone calls
  • Record Phone calls
  • Spy on text messages without access to your target phones
  • Track GPS location
  • Access Photo Gallery

05. Cocospy:

Many users say that CocoSpy is the best spy app for Android phones without physical access. Its unique features are:

  • Listening to Phone calls
  • Spy Text messages
  • Create a geo-fence to make sure that your child or employees don’t venture out too far during working hours of the office

06. Guestspy:

It is an undetectable free mobile spy app. It’s not very intrusive. 

  • Listens to a phone call
  • Don’t record phone calls
  • Free GPS tracker
  • Spy on messages
  • Spy on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, etc

07. Fonemonitor:

This web-based tool will help parents make sure that their child is safe. Its unique features are described below:

  • Fully Untraceable spy app
  • Monitor text messages
  • Track cell phone location
  • Spy on contacts
  • Monitors Browser history
  • Geo-Fence
  • Tracks call logs
  • Monitors Whatsapp


Finally, we learned the best spy app for android without access to the target phone. The android spy app remote installation is a helpful way to spy on the phone without access to target phones. 

Parents want to spy on the phones of their children. Geo-fencing also helps to detect your child’s location. Office owners can also keep an eye on the activities of their employees. It is illegal if you do this for hacking or Phishing.