Whatsapp is a free messaging app for smartphones currently owned by Facebook. It is one of the biggest online social media platforms. The main reason for WhatsApp being so popular is due to the international pool of users. The interface is easy to understand, and users are more than 2 billion. 

Whether for personal use or business purposes, the users feel more comfortable conveying their information through WhatsApp. The end-to-end encrypted messaging has made it more popular and convinced the users to use it. Yet WhatsApp hacking tricks are possible with enough knowledge. The possible hacking tricks will make you able to gain access to someone’s account. 

We will discuss how to hack Whatsapp accounts through ethical hacking in the rest of the article. Ethical hacking is a safe approach where you get to know the system’s flaws to increase security. We will also discuss how to hire a hacker for WhatsApp online to spy on someone. If you are the concerned parents who want to monitor their children or a boss who wants to check on the employees, then knowing the Whatsapp cheating tricks is important.

How To Sync Device With A Web Browser Via QR Code As A WhatsApp Hacking Tricks.

The method is pretty simple, and all you need is to get the targeted user’s mobile. Once you have the mobile of the victim, then you are all set to go. We have to use the ‘WhatsApp Web’ service to our advantage. If you wanna avail yourself of the service, then go to “https://web.whatsapp.com” on your PC. If you wish to use a mobile device, you have to install an app called ‘Whatsapp Web.’ Now the main process is as follows-

  1. Open the model you wish to access the messages- you can use a PC or mobile device.
  2. To access it from the PC, open the web browsers by typing “https://web.whatsapp.com.” You will be asked to scan the given QR code on the site. After the scan is complete from the victim’s mobile, tick the option ‘Keep me logged in.”
  3. For mobile users, open the ‘WhatsApp Web’ app.
  4. Scan QR the code from the mobile app of the victim’s device following – WhatApp Menu->WhatsApp Web.

Now, as you have logged in, you will have access to all the messages and files. However, the deleted conversation or text will not be shown in the user’s interface. The most important note of this method is to have the targeted user’s mobile device. The method won’t be successful if the victim’s mobile device is not present with you.

How to Hack WhatsApp Conversations Using WSP 3.0

In this method, you will see all the chats and conversations from the targeted user. You have to use WhatsApp Scan Pro (WSP). You can download the APK file, which is available online. The WSP works as malware. It contains a virus attached along with the photo you are going to send to the targeted user.

The victim falls into a trap if he or she clicks on the photo that has been sent. So it is necessary to send a photo that intrigues the victim to click on it. When the victim opens the photo, the virus will automatically run into the device. The WSP helps to block the backdoor activities in the framework and connect to the hacker. As the hacker gains access, the QR codes are scanned from the targeted mobile messenger.

The code gets changed every 10 sec. But the hacker can monitor the process continuously. The hacker gains access to the victim’s session instantly once the connection is established. 

It should be kept in mind that the internet connection must be stable and fast.

How To Hack WhatsApp By Exporting Chat History  

This is the fastest way to hack WhatsApp of the targeted user. This WhatsApp hacking trick for WhatsApp is quite similar to the first method mentioned in the article. The process is as follows-

  1. Take the victim’s mobile device and open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Click on the Menu icon. The icon is three vertical dots on the upper side of the app’s interface.
  3. Now click Settings ->Chats -> Chat history -> Export chat ( with or without media history, as you like )
  4. Open Gmail and type the email address you want to send. 
  5. Click on Export 

The file (text format), including media filed( if chosen), will upload in the mail. Press ‘Send’ to complete the task. You can collect the file now or later from the mail. 

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How to Hire Hackers For Hacking WhatsApp Account 

It is not recommended to hire a hacker to hack someone’s WhatsApp account. The main reason is that many times it can be a scam. Many people have complained about not getting their service even though they were charged the full amount. Choosing this option can be a shortcut for you as you don’t have to involve yourself in the hacking process. But the risks are high too.

Some of the sites will charge a handsome amount if there is no guarantee of not getting scammed. Take the service considering all the possible risks. But the legit hacking sites can do the work for you with no scam involved.

 If you are convinced that you want to pursue hiring a hacker, follow this link and contact: https://itechwares.com. Here you will get the desired service as promised although the payment is not going to be cheap. 

These are the following WhatsApp hacking tricks you can try for yourself. It is best advised not to use the methods for any illegal activity. Rather use this information as a precaution that you can implement to increase the security of your account. But if you are suspicious of someone you know who might be involved in wrongdoings. Then use these methods to spy on them and track their activities.